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Welcome to Pre-Uni New College


Pre-Uni New College is one of the most admired and successful colleges committed to ensuring the very best results and outcomes for all its students. The college was established in 1992 and provides high quality education for students between Kindergarten to Year 12. Since its inception, Pre-Uni New College has enjoyed an exceptional reputation of remarkable success for its students and as a result its popularity as the leading coaching college has soared.

We have the state of the art learning facilities which create the optimum learning environment for success. Currently we have 25 branches across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria which attest to how successful Pre-Uni New College is and will continue to be. The standard of excellence achieved by our students in the Higher School Certificate (HSC), Opportunity Class, Selective High Schools and independent school scholarships is testament to the standards we set to achieve.

What makes us special?


Every year it seems to us that success is becoming harder to achieve and it is no secret that many school children, although committed to achieving worthwhile goals, nevertheless often need structured help in other areas to be able to maximise their academic achievements. Sometimes, school work alone is not enough.

Pre-Uni New College is a tutoring college which specialises in delivering well-structured programs to assist students, reach their goals for Selective High School Placement, Private School Scholarships, OC (Opportunity Class) placement and HSC excellence.

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